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    Critical Periods in Brain Development

    ADHD, learning disabilities, autism and developmental delay are all common developmental disabilities or disorders. Those affected will be affected throughout their lifetime. The reasons why these disorders occur is often unknown. Even if you have a reasonable suspicion that a chemical can damage the brain it often takes a long time before it is...

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    Children’s rooms full of illegal chemistry


New study finds illegal phthalates and flame retardants in nearly all tested children's rooms (pilot project). They measured the level of 7 phthalates and 15 phosphorus-based flame retardants in dust from the rooms and found almost all substances in all the tested rooms.

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    Should all my groceries be organic?

    Nine food products seems to contribute to the majority of Danish consumers’ pesticide intake. It can be a challenge to meet a demand of 100% organic food, especially when the price difference between organic and conventional food is vast. Price conscious consumer may choose conventionally grown fruits and vegetables when the organic option is...